The Farm by Tom Rob Smith

The FarmThe Farm by Tom Rob Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a fan of Child 44 and the rest of the Demidov trilogy, I had to have this book as soon as it came out last week. Tom Rob Smith is quite simply one of my favourite authors.

This is a complete departure from Communist Russia. Set partly in London but mainly in very rural Sweden, The Farm is a story of trust. How can you choose between trusting your father or trusting your mother? Daniel has to choose when his mother shows up in London asking him to believe her when his father has just rung to say she’s gone mad and been locked in an Asylum. What comes next has you questioning the sanity of the people involved and it really leaves you guessing.

As will all Tom Rob Smith’s novels, this is a book that is very easy to read and the pace is extraordinary. He has a way of writing that pulls you through at such speed that it requires immense willpower to put the book down and leave some until later. You have to get to the end to know what happens. It reveals the story fragments at a time, a delicious unveiling of the twists and turns that lead you to a wonderful conclusion.

A great book.

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