If Only it Were True by Marc Levy

If Only It Were TrueIf Only It Were True by Marc Levy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was recommended to me by my husband after he read it in French. Unable to speak/read or write the language, he bought me the translated version.

There are some areas where the translation isn’t spot on (I am sure my husband will tell me how off it is when he reads the English version) but overall is has good flow and reads well.

The story is about Lauren and Arthur. Lauren is involved in a serious car accident and ends up in a coma. Arthur leases her apartment in San Francisco a few months after Lauren’s accident and one evening he finds her in the closet.

Lauren’s soul or consciousness has been separated from her body and she is visiting the places she knows best. Up until Arthur, no one has seen her or been able to communicate with her. It’s up to Arthur to make sure that Lauren’s physical body stays alive when everyone starts talking of euthanasia.

Some people might not like the sentimentality of this book but I enjoyed the exploration of what happens between life and death or when in a coma. It’s an original take and explores human spirit and emotional connection with those that are no longer with us.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable read and got the five stars because I simply couldn’t put it down. Every spare moment I wanted to spend with Arthur and Lauren.

An excellent debut novel. Like this, read The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.

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